The Birkenstock Family of Brand Names

Understanding the Features of Each Branch of the Birkenstock Family of Footwear

Birkenstock footwear comes in many flavors, with a host of family members. Though each bears a name of its own, they areĀ  all created with the Birkenstock tradition of quality, durability and comfort. Below you will find a brief explanation of the unique features available in each brand of the Birkenstock family.

Alpro by Birkenstock Alpro

The Alpro Birkenstock brand specializes in work shoes. These shoes can be used in a wide variety of occupations and all clogs and sandals in this line have been certified by the German product testing body TUV. They are designed with all special function features and created especially for the working life. Features include slip resistant treads and oil and grease resistant soles.


BirkenstockClassic Birkenstock

The classic Birkenstock line consists of shoes sandals and clogs, as well as arch supports all, based on Birkenstock’s original cork and latex foot bed. They are available for women, men and children and feature styles in warm and comfortable colors. Birkenstocks are made in Germany, designed around the company’s key values: health, wellness, quality craftsmanship and sensibility to the environment.

Birki's by Birkenstock Birki's

Birki’s are as fun as they are functional and suited for the entire family. They come in a wide variety of styles colors and patterns for men women and children, some of which are extraordinarily vibrant and unusual. While sportive and expressive they are still the product of German engineered performance. You choose the styles colors and patterns to match your personality.

Footprints by Birkenstock Footprints

The Footprints brand offers anatomically shaped replaceable foot beds. This line is about top-of-the-line fashion, offering classical shoes for leisure, trekking about the town and comfort in the workplace. Footprints provide a distinctive level of comfort in women’s, men’s and children’s footwear.

Papillio by Birkenstock Papillio

The Papillio collection is designed for women only. Papillio is a French word meaning butterfly and in keeping with its name, are like natural and colorful. Born from the Birkenstock tradition of quality and comfort the Papillio brand is famous for vibrant, colorful and stylish designs. Luxurious leathers, jeweled buckles and pearlescent sheens make the Birkenstock Papillio brand the perfect choice for the stylish woman.

Tatami Tatami

Birkenstock Tatami was created for fashion, elegance and style. Using only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, the Tatami line sets the highest standards for quality design and comfort. combined with suitable accessories, and to Tatami’s sophisticated colors, what we have is fashionable finesse without compromise.

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